Hybrid Flexi Air Mattress

“Perfect Combination of Air and Foam”
Suitable for patients in medium to high risk of pressure injuries
Patented hybrid cell design for efficient air displacement
Top cover with high MVTR for better cooling effect and comfort
Triangular cut heel section for greater heel pressure reduction


Automatic Air Displacement
Displace air and regulate the pressure in the aligned cells.

Ventilated Drilled Foam
Foam of upper layer helps reduce heat and aid with patient comfort.

High–resilience foam
High–resilience foam of lower layer provides stable support.

Naturally Aspirated System
Self regulating hybrid air valves release air to immerse the user in the foam with a perfect contour.

3 pressure zones consist of hybrid cells and foam with patented cutting design which provides superior comfort and pressure reduction.

Slope leg section with patented tri-cut design(cuboid)
Individual cells of foam with patented triangle cut(tri-cut) increase point-to-point support at the heel.

Ventilated Head Pillow Zone
To enhance patient comfort.


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