Legacy Bi-Lateral Standing Bed (Complex care Specialist Bed)

This bed is suited to a range of patients with restricted to no mobility such as, neurological injuries, poly trauma or spinal injuries. The standing turning nature of the bed offers medical benefits, including turning for Fluid Stasis and Postural Drainage, ARDS, Pressure Area Care, as well as UTI’S DVT’S and VAP’s.


This Medical Legacy Bi-lateral Standing Bed is suited to both acute and community care settings. Designed specifically with a range of functions to help assist with personal care and help with improving users overall health, as well as offering the user greater dignity and interaction with the caregiver.

The Legacy Bi-lateral Standing Bed functions as a standard profiling bed, with additional features of turning a user laterally both left and right up to 30 degrees and taking a user from a horizontal lying position to a vertical standing position of up to 80 degrees in just the push of a button. The bed acts as an assistance with personal care, a relief from pressure area care, and a helping hand with improving user’s physical health and social wellbeing.

The bed can be used as a step-down bed from its sister bed, the Legacy Bi-lateral Turning Complex Care Bed, as a rehabilitation bed as well as being used as a permanent bed for users with chronic neuro/muscular conditions and restricted mobility.

Easy clean maintenance
Quick and easy assembly
Aesthetically designed HPL materials
CPR Function (electric & manual)
Specialist cantilever design lifting the mattress platform to 80°
30° Bi-lateral Turning of the mattress platform
Model Legacy Bi-lateral Standing Bed
Safe Working Load 175kg
Max User Weight 135kg
Dimensions of lying platform 205cm x 110cm
Max Height Position 80cm
Lowest Height Position 42cm
Castor Diameter 23cm Round
Backrest Angle 54°
Standing Angle 80°
Lateral Turn Angle (At Full Turn) 30°
Side Wing Angle 15°
Leg Raise Angle 36°
Actuators 6


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