Verso Mattress

  • Suitable for patients in medium to high risk of pressure injuries
  • Ventilated low air loss cells to build microclimate control over skin temperature and moisture
  • Dual therapy modes and customizable firmness to fulfill various clinical needs
  • Quality materials for better clinical outcomes & long-term use
  • Low pressure alarm feature and flame retardant cover increase patient safety.


Durable Nylon PU air cell Material
Ensures great product reliability and safety with its multiple features such as flame retardant, abrasion resistant, cut-resistant, and puncture resistant
CPR Strap
Quickly deflates the mattress with single handed operation
8″ Replacement System
8″ air cells provides better immersion and enhanced pressure care performance
Nylon PU quilted comfort cover can effectively wick away moisture from the surface to aid in microclimate management
Cable Management Reducing tripping hazards for a safer healthcare environment
Microclimate Management
Ventilated low-air-loss-cells wicks moisture & heat away, minimizing the risk of tissue deformation and skin breakdown
Visual Low Pressure Alarm
Power failure or leaks can be soon noticed via the LED alert
Fresh Air With Antimicrobial Filter
Antimicrobial material to filter the air coming into the pump system from the environment


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