M-999 Transfer Board with built in Weighing Scale

The Patient Transfer Scale is a revolutionary way to weigh time critical or immobile patients in seconds.

In 2021, the Patient Transfer Scale was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation – a highly sought after, prestigious award, which is the highest official accolade that a British business can be given.

The Patient Transfer Scale, or PTS, can be used in the same way as a transfer board. Simply place the PTS across the trolley and bed, and move your patient across in line with your manual handling/patient transfer policies. You’ll just need to stop for 3-4 seconds as they pass over the PTS in order for the weight reading to register.

The Hold function can be used if required to stabilise the weight reading on the display.


What is the M-999?
The Patient Transfer Scale is a transfer slide with in-built weighing scale, which means that patients can be weighed during lateral transfer from trolley to bed, or bed to bed.



1800mm x 700mm x 300mm

Internal rechargeable battery

Battery Life:
50 hours of continuous use

Weight of Scale:

Additional Features
Class III Approved
MDD Approved
Covered by 4 year warranty
Various warranty options available
Transfer board with an in-built weighing scale
More dignified way of weighing, reducing stress for patients
Provides an accurate weight to 500g
Quick and easy to use
Highly portable for nursing staff
Hooks for wall mounting provided

What are the benefits of the Patient Transfer Scale?
In order to administer certain medication or treatments accurately, a patient needs to be weighed, however with immobile patients this is not easy. Previously, the only solutions were bed weighing scales or hoist scales, both of which can be cumbersome and time consuming. But the Patient Transfer Scale makes weighing a patient at the point they are admitted to hospital easier.

Lateral transfer of a patient from trolley to bed or bed to bed is an already existing – and essential – procedure. Therefore, the Patient Transfer Scale allows you to get a weight reading for these patients without taking up any time.

This helps you to reduce door to needle times and meet targets, and medication or treatment can be administered faster and with confidence by healthcare professionals. It also means less stress for staff, less stress for the patient, and the patient can be weighed with dignity.


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