Travel Shower Cradle

The Voyager Shower Cradle is designed to offer a reclined sitting position for use in a level access shower, or where space is limited, and offers a controlled and comfortable showering experience for the end user and carer.

This product is essentially a foldable, portable version of our Shower Cradle, with the added convenience of folding the cradle to a compact size of 131cm x 25cm x 56cm so it can be taken wherever it is needed. It comes complete with a holdall travel bag featuring inside pockets to hold Orchid Medicare accessories such as side support rolls or Delta head rest, making it easy and convenient to take everything you need on holidays or short breaks; easily transportable at 14kg.



A (cradle width)

B (overall width)

C (calf)

D (thigh)

E (back length)

F (knee length)

G (hip height)

H (overall height)

I (overall length)

Overall folded dimensions


557mm / 22”

505mm / 20”

540mm / 21.5”

405mm / 16”

812mm / 32”

714mm / 28.25”

534mm / 21”

1074mm / 42.25”

1420mm / 56”



557mm / 22”

505mm / 20”

495mm / 18.25”


812mm / 32”



250mm / 10”

925mm / 36.4”

557(W) x 1305(L) x 250(H)

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