ACS Turn Mattress

Prevention of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia

  • Suitable for high to very high risk patients
  • Up to 40° continuous lateral rotation to improve secretion clearance
  • True low air loss therapy offers better skin microclimate management
  • Designed for use in the acute care sector


Improving Pulmonary Function and Oxygenation with 40° Continuous Lateral Rotation

ACS Turn with true low air loss system can provide an up to 40 degree continuous lateral rotation which has been clinically approved to be effective in reducing the pulmonary complications*3.

Shift-Stop Technology
Ensures rotational therapy safe and effective with special designed cells
Preventing from displacement and bottoming out.

True Low Air Loss with Blower System
Better skin microclimate management to minimize tissue deformation and prevent skin breakdown.

Periodically increase and decrease the whole mattress which encouraging lymph and blood flow for increased oxygenation to reach body circulation.

Drainage Tubing
Placement allows drainage tubing to pass through easily.

Easy-to-use CPR Connector
CPR < 15 seconds
Storage vacuum mode.

Reserved 2″ foam base pocket and 10″ side bolster for additional patient safety
Better skin microclimate management to minimize tissue deformation and prevent skin breakdown.

Continuous Lateral Turning
Effortless to facilitate a turn Improving bronchial clearance for patients.

Turning Options
Selectable turning angles and dwell times can be tailored to meet patient’s individual need.

Max Firm Mode
For quick patient transfer or nursing intervention.

2-way Zipper
For convenient removal of covers for cleaning and maintenance.

4-way Stretch Cover
Low friction and shear
Vapour permeable, water resistant
High-flame retardant.

Model ACS Turn
Pump Dimension 15.8 x 38 x 26.8 cm
Weight 6 Kg
Case Material Flame retardant ABS
Supply Voltage AC 220 – 240V, 50Hz
Operating Cycle Dwell Time 5, 30, 60 mins
Air Output (lpm) maximuim airflow 1,300 liter/min
Mattress Mattress type 8″ 2″ Replacement
Dimension 200 x 90 x 25.4 (H8″)
Cell Height 20 x 8″ ; 2 x 10″ (side bolster)
Weight 10.1 kg
Cover Material Silver 4-Way Stretch
Cell Material Nylon / PU
Maximum Patient 180 kg
Flame Retardant EN 597-1 & EN 597-2



Additional information

Length Inside
Length Outside
Width Inside
Width Outside
Height of legs
Inside width(legs opened)
Length of base
Lifting range
Max user weight
Outside width(legs closed)
User weight


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