Pro Care Optima Prone Mattress

Dynamic Pressure Redistribution Air Mattress
Pro-care Optima Prone
 Suitable for patients in high to very high risk of pressure injuries
 Single-Handed Care when repositioning patient’s head regularly in prone position
 Multi-zone air pressure for greater pressure redistribution and optimal comfort in prone & supine positions
 Pressure relief function for each individual cell deflated to provide zero pressure
 Integrated mattress configuration eliminating an extra pillow while offering optimal pressure care to patients.


Single-Handed Care
Allowing caregiver to deflate the air cells
in the head section after the system
elevates the patient’s chest to enable
the repositioning of the patient’s head
by one person only
Excellent Pressure Relief off Facial Contour
Providing gentle support for the patient’s
head when in the prone position and zero
pressure to the ear by special foam design
Effective Pressure Relief in Both Prone & Supine
In both positions, the interface pressure during
its 30-minute test cycle is 100% below 32 mmHg

4 Way Stretch Cover
Water Resistance
Flame Retardant : BS 7175 Crib 5 & Crib 7
Low Friction and Shear
High Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate.

80% Time Saving
Quick release detachable base can be
easily removed from mattress
Cable Management
Minimizing trip hazards for a safer
healthcare environment
4-way Stretch Cover
Microclimate Management
Provides good ventilation helping to reduce
the accumulation of heat and moisture
Individual Air Cell Deflation
20 individual numbered air cells with a one-handed
control knob allow caregivers to off-load specific
vulnerable areas of the patient’s body.

Intuitive Auto-Sensing Technology
 Auto-recognition: Automatically initiates the correct pressure setting to different corresponding mattress types
 Auto-adjustment: Ensures that the pressure is constantly adjusted in accordance with the patient’s weight and position
Therapy Modes
Fulfill care needs in ICU environment
Alternating / Continuous Low Pressure
Position Modes
Available for supine and prone use
Both supine and prone positions can be
easily achieved through a simple dial
Prone Position Timer
Once the Prone Position Mode is selected the timer will
be started automatically to show caregivers how long
the patient has been repositioned
Auto Seat Inflation
Automatically inflates when the head section has
been raised by ≥ 30°, and provides extra support in
sacral area during sitting position to prevent
bottoming out
Head Reposition Mode (10 mins)
The air cell will start to inflate to lift the patient’s
shoulders and chest upward for one caregiver to
reposition the patient’s head easier
Shoulder Lifting Mode
The air cells in the shoulder and chest section will
be lifted to relieve the pressure off the neck and
thus reducing the risk of hyperextension for the
patient in prone position.




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